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The Hawaii Volleyball Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission of helping student athletes get recruited to play college volleyball.. We accomplish this by providing economical opportunities such as the Hawaii Volleyball Combine that enable student athletes to get recruited in Honolulu by a captive audience of top collegiate volleyball coaches. We further accomplish this by educating student athletes and their families on collegiate volleyball recruiting.  We have helped hundreds of volleyball players receive scholarship offers to play collegiate volleyball.

The Hawaii Volleyball Foundation

Why we do this: Hawaii is  deep with volleyball talent. However, our geographic isolation puts Hawaii players at a disadvantage when it comes to recruiting. It is costly to travel to the mainland to get scouted and even if you travel to play in a mainland tournament you have little control over which coaches may come and see you play. With a combine here in Honolulu, players have a captive audience of coaches who are here to recruit Hawaii players and the cost is a fraction of what it costs to travel to the mainland. The combine is open to players from anywhere.  Players from the mainland USA and Japan have attended over the years.

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